Employee Benefits



If you are self-employed, don’t have access to affordable group insurance through your employer, are between jobs, or are in your new-hire waiting period, we can assist you in finding a solution.

We have access to a full suite of individual health insurance solutions, and can ensure that you receive coverage that best meets your needs and budget.


We understand the challenge of offering a quality employee benefits package on a budget. Our solutions are tailored to your business objectives and help you attract and retain top industry talent.


Arranging benefits for 50+ employees can tax HR departments. Our large employer experts work as members of your team freeing your HR department to focus on adapting your talent strategy for growth.

Buckner isn’t just our insurance provider, they are our partner. They constantly look for ways to improve our coverage and reduce costs. Their complimentary wellness program support has improved our employee health, morale, and retention.

The great relationships we’ve made across the Buckner organization have even helped us grow revenue. We look forward to partnering with Buckner for years to come.

—Bahar Sharifan, J.D., M.B.A. Wasatch I.T. President


  • Annual Benefits Review
  • Carrier Renewal Negotiations
  • Employee Enrollment Booklets
  • Ongoing Account Management
  • Billing Issue Resolution
  • COBRA Administration
  • Market Solicitations
  • Enrollment Administration & Support
  • Employee Claims Issue Resolution
  • Carrier Contracts
  • Market Updates


  • Employee Benefit and H.R. Technology Review & Support
  • Client Seminars And Symposiums
  • Employee Notices
  • Live H.R. Hotline Support
  • Voluntary Benefits Specialist & Support
  • Funding Methodology Expertise
  • Wellness Consulting
  • H.R. Continuing Education Resources
  • Underwriting Analysis
  • SPD and Wrap Documents
  • Data Analytics
  • National Brokerage Affiliation
  • PBM Expertise
  • Individual Expertise
  • Client-specific Benefits Website
  • ACA Compliance Review and Resources


We live in a time when the cost of employee benefits, and specifically healthcare coverage, can be overwhelming to an employer’s bottom line. CFOs and HR professionals struggle with the balance of offering a competitive employee benefit program with the enormous pressure on the bottom line.

We act as your business partner in maximizing the value of your employee benefits plans. We do this by ensuring that your employee benefits are of the highest possible quality while being secured at the most favorable cost.

When you partner with us, you have a team of experts at your side. We meticulously analyze each of our clients’ benefit plans to validate the cost-effectiveness and fairness of pricing.

Collectively, we have accumulated decades of experience working with all insurance funding methods. Because of this, we are able to effectively advise our clients based on real-world, operational experience. This translates into an ability to guide our clients safely through the complexities of varied funding methodologies.

Additionally, we bring deep expertise in insurance underwriting and data analytics. This expertise is a critical part of our ability to help our clients spend their employee benefits dollars in the most effective way possible.