Large Employer (over 50)

Client Services

Focus on running your business while our Client Support team runs the day-to-day of your policies.

Benefit Administration

Actively manage your needs with a premier benefit administration system.


Have confidence with access to professional compliance support that addresses a wide range of issues.

Strategic Consulting

Armed with an experienced team of employee benefits specialists with decades of experience, we can consult and find optimal solutions across all sizes and types of employers.


Designed from the bottom up, we believe in tailored wellness programs that keep the unique demographics of your group in mind.


We take a deep dive into the data, ensuring you are always aware of potential issues that can affect your plan.

“Buckner isn’t just our insurance provider, they are our partner. They constantly look for ways to improve our coverage and reduce costs. Their complimentary wellness support program has improved our employee health, morale, and retention.

The great relationships we’ve made across the Buckner organization have even helped us grow revenue. We look forward to partnering with Buckner for years to come.

—Bahar Sharifan, J.D., M.B.A. Wasatch I.T. President

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Client Services

Our Account Managers take care of your policy so you can get back to doing what you do best. They know how to work with your carrier to get you the best outcome possible.

We provide the following services to our Large Employer Clients:

  • Annual Benefits Review
  • Carrier Renewal Negotiations
  • Employee Enrollment Booklets
  • Ongoing Account Management
  • Billing Issue Resolution
  • Enrollment Administration & Support
  • Employee Claims Issue Resolution


Benefit Administration

We offer a complete employee benefits administration system to handle even the most complex benefits needs. Our systems help eliminate manual processes with true end-to-end benefits automation, arm employees with powerful resources to make informed benefit decisions, and enable our clients’ peace of mind with tools to ensure compliance for ACA, COBRA, and company-specific benefits rules.

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We provide our clients with the necessary tools to stay in compliance with ever-changing legislation. Keeping our clients fully compliant with state and federal mandates saves you from facing fines, penalties, and loss of tax-favorable status. The Buckner Company has access to professional compliance support to deliver the most accurate, up-to-date, and compliant service to our valued clients.

Our compliance support for Large Employer Clients include:

  • HR Compliance Assessment — Receive a clear picture of where you stand now with a risk score and actions needed to comply with all employment laws
  • Compliance Guidance
  • HR Legal Library — Access state and federal laws and legal tools
  • Comprehensive tools and resources, including a Compliance Checklist and Employer Compliance portal
  • HR Help Desk — Call for any employment law or employee problem
  • Training — Supervisor, and employee web-based training
  • Total Compensation Statements — See the real value of employee benefits
  • HR Tools & Templates — Everything needed for your HR Department

Strategic Consulting

We provide consulting in designing employee benefits program management that include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Design & Management
  • Financial Analysis & Management
  • Compliance Advisory Services
  • Benefits Technology and Administration services
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Support/Advocacy
  • Underwriting and trend forecasting Services
  • Communication & Engagement
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Wellness and Health Management
  • Executive Benefits
  • HR Strategic Solutions
  • Global Benefits Solutions
  • Pharmacy Solutions


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Keeping your group healthy and happy is one of the most important components of any company health plan. The Buckner Company’s 5-dimensional plan encompasses all 5 aspects of wellness: mental, financial, social, nutritional, and physical. We are committed to designing a tailored plan to fit your group and enhance your lives.



We provide employer groups with tools to deliver consistent year-to-year data, easy-to-read reports, and comparative benchmarks. This highly meaningful yet understandable information enables us to work with our clients data in a continuous, interactive manner to proactively uncover plan management issues before they arise.


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By belonging to professional organizations and subscriptions that give you access to the most recent information and cost efficiency strategies, delivering the most significant possible value and convenience to your employees and their families.


…so you don’t have to! Staying current on the ever moving target and, ever-changing regulations is a daunting task for your HR Staff. Compliance is an added stress to manage, train, and steward your limited benefits resources. Knowing what questions to ask, we keep regulators of your doorstep by keeping you compliant.


By using our own methods based on years of underwriting and analytical strategies, we negotiate better rates, plan designs, and improve and resolve many of the high-cost healthcare claimants for your organization.  Insurance companies employ skilled underwriters whose job is to make sure they earn a profit. Our team has the skills and experience to contest conclusions that burden your plan with unrealistic cost predictions.


We live in a time when the cost of employee benefits, and specifically healthcare coverage, can be overwhelming to an employer’s bottom line. CFOs and HR professionals struggle with the balance of offering a competitive employee benefit program with the enormous pressure on the bottom line.

We act as your business partner in maximizing the value of your employee benefits plans. We do this by ensuring that your employee benefits are of the highest possible quality while being secured at the most favorable cost.

When you partner with us, you have a team of experts at your side. We meticulously analyze each of our clients’ benefit plans to validate the cost-effectiveness and fairness of pricing.


Collectively, we have accumulated decades of experience working with all insurance funding methods. Because of this, we are able to effectively advise our clients based on real-world, operational experience. This translates into an ability to guide our clients safely through the complexities of varied funding methodologies.

Additionally, we bring deep expertise in insurance underwriting and data analytics. This expertise is a critical part of our ability to help our clients spend their employee benefits dollars in the most effective way possible.