Our Process

Step 1: Needs Assessment
This comprehensive assessment will determine your customized benefit plan, based on your company's specific needs in four distinct areas: business, performance, employees, and work environment.

Step 2: Design Development
Based on your needs and desired outcomes, our team will customize the appropriate benefit program for you. We also plan ahead and provide important information to help you make employee benefits decisions that complement your business plan.

Step 3: Implementation and Communication
The key to a successful benefit plan is implementing the benefit program and communicating the plan effectively to your employees. Buckner Benefits coordinates with your group and conducts an annual open enrollment each year. This process gives your employees a specific time to speak with Buckner representatives to ask questions and to choose the options that best benefit them and their families.

Step 4: Strategic Management
Your benefit program is not an event; it is a process. We work with your organization to create a follow-up plan with accountability measures to achieve ongoing performance outcomes. Within the first month of your renewal each year, our benefit specialists meet with your Human Resources Manager to cover the managerial aspects of your benefit plan. We also plan quarterly service visits with your company and answer any other questions you may have.

Step 5: Plan Analysis
After a year with us, we automatically review your plan to see how well it matches with your business's long-term plans. If adjustments or improvements need to be made, we make recommendations to you to help you stay on the right path to meet your goals. This process continues to take into consideration other important factors, such as an increase or decrease in competition, the economy, and staff issues.

Buckner Benefits is a true partner in the process of bringing quality employee benefits services to your company. We want to help you get the most out of your benefits package. Our measure of succes