We could name drop all the top-rated insurance carriers we do business with, or brag about the exclusive access we have to specialty insurance carriers. But Buckner associates choose to focus on the process we take to find the best insurance program for you, not just the end result:


The Quote. Before we begin looking at insurance rates, we’ll probably ask you some questions. Okay, a lot of questions. We don’t do it to bug you; the more we know about your business, the better we can tailor an insurance plan that fits your needs without unnecessary coverages.

The Presentation. When we present your insurance program, whether it’s a brand new policy or a renewal, we go over all the details. It may seem tedious; sometimes it is. But it’s also important. It benefits you to understand your insurance policy completely, and we consider your comprehension of the policy part of our job as your business partner.

The Maintenance. We believe the partnership between you and your Buckner associate helps you run a smarter, more successful business. Because of this, we work with you throughout the year to help define your specific insurance and risk management needs. Then we provide you with the tools to make beneficial insurance decisions for the long-term success of your business. In short, Buckner Company associates are continually looking out for your best interests in the insurance world. Our associates would be happy to provide you with an insurance proposal outlining all the programs we can offer your business. Our ultimate goal? Prove our worth by earning your insurance business every year.
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