The Buckner Company is a third-generation, family-owned business led by President and CEO Terry H. Buckner. Rooted in the Great Depression, when Terry's grandfather Elmer Ray first started the firm in 1936, the company began a tradition of placing customer service ahead of profits. Today, that tradition is still alive and well. But customer service is just one reason The Buckner Company has a client retention rate of 95%. The average tenure of our producers and staff is nearly 20 years, so we have the knowledgeable, experienced professionals necessary to make sure you and your business are given the best advice and service available.

Elmer Ray Buckner used to carry customer policies in his briefcase. Today we have a system that's just a little more complex. But The Buckner Company serves thousands of customers from coast to coast and overseas, always with the same personal attention to detail as when the company was started more than 76 years ago.

Find out why we say it’s not just insurance…it’s smart business.

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